Pushback by Selena Rezvani

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In award-winning Pushback, Selena Rezvani shines a light on the rules of holding your own & negotiating for what's rightfully yours. [ MORE ]

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Skillfully Negotiate & Communicate Confidently

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[ Friday, Apr 11, 2014 ] — Let’s face it, when we’re busy and overwhelmed, our own professional development may be the first thing to fall off our to-do list.   After all, not everyone has a job working for a top employer,... [ MORE ]

Selena Rezvani

Propelling Women. Inspiring Audiences. ELEVATING WORKPLACES.

Author, speaker, and consultant Selena Rezvani's insights propel Gen X & Y women into top echelons of leadership and help organizations retain and engage their female workforce. Selena's speaking and consulting enhance existing programs and inspire corporate, university, and nonprofit audiences. [ MORE ]

"Selena provides a perspective on women and leadership that's both compelling and thought provoking. I guarantee you will not walk out of the room the same way you came in."

— Deirdre Joy Smith, Founder, POWER: Opening Doors for Women

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