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Speaking: Keynotes & Workshops

Selena addresses thousands of professional women each year and offers the practical, confidence-building advice women need to advance their careers and lead. Using action learning and Improv techniques, her approach is forward-thinking and creative, equipping women with tools they can use immediately.

Rezvani's professional speaking credits include the following organizations, among many others: SAP, Microsoft, Harvard University, The Clinton Foundation, eBay, Accenture, Johnson & Johnson, GoDaddy, Princeton University, and the Forte Foundation Conference. 

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Speaking Topics

Negotiate Like a Boss: How To Be a Fierce Self-Advocate 

Gone are the days when negotiating was only for a performance review, job interview or the big pitch. Professional women negotiate all day every day—for better project deadlines, to resolve a standstill within a team—even to take their PTO. How can you make the most of these conversations—regardless of whether it's with a direct report, boss, peer or customer? Leveraging tips from her award-winning book, PUSHBACK: How Smart Women Ask–and Stand Up–for What They Want, Selena Rezvani teaches you how to prepare for these daily negotiations, flex your style based on the topic or person with whom you're negotiating, manage tradeoffs, and get the "Yes" answer you need.

Turn Up Your Executive Presence

Most aspiring leaders know they need executive presence. Yet, presence can be mystifying and hard to define. This "it" quality is shaped not only by how you're broadly regarded - but how you're experienced and perceived on a daily basis. Zeroing in on three executive presence "filters," participants practice being the "confident leader" even when dealing with imperfect conditions and uncertainties.  Deviating sharply from the message that women are somehow deficient, this session gives women positive, smart, and strong moves to drive their plans forward.

Reimagine Your Brand, Then Advocate it Into Reality
Transforming yourself from an individual contributor or manager into a leader can be a challenge. It takes an assessment of your brand, the courage to finetune it, and then the power and self-advocacy to amplify it. Learn how to identify what you’re most known for today and what key elements are missing from your brand to take the next step. See how to carve out a unique and valuable leadership specialty, influence upward, and self-advocate to make that brand a reality.

Disrupting Everyday Gender Bias: How To Be An Ally 

Across many industries, women remain vastly underrepresented in the highest ranks of business. Gender bias, often unconscious in nature, remains a significant barrier to women's career advancement and can be difficult to recognize and avert. This session gives women a common vocabulary for identifying, disrupting, and overcoming 3 common gender biases in the workplace. Through a mix of research, stories, and practical solutions, participants learn new ways to stop bias in its tracks and advocate for a more inclusive, respectful work culture.


Tracy Hilbert, Senior Director

Wow! The response to your presentation has been GREAT! So many women have reached out with their thank you's and stating that it was exactly what they needed. Great job, Selena! You have impacted many at GoDaddy! The power poses were awesome.

microsoft logo.jpg

Kate Luu, HR Culture Leader

Thanks Selena! It was an INCREDIBLE session. Valuable & impactful!


Sheryl Brennan,

HR Leader

Selena is extremely knowledgeable, passionate about her work, inspirational and is one of the best presenters I have ever seen. Countless women commented that Selena's workshop was the best one they ever attended...


Kelly Monahan,

Sr. Principal

Selena's a true thought leader and a compelling storyteller. Her ability to engage an audience was inspiring.


Karin Mueller,


I've heard nothing but great compliments on your keynote presentation and breakout session. I can't thank you enough for your commitment to delivering 2 amazing experiences.





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