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A weekly live stream on LinkedIn Live, an invite-only platform - all about elevating women at work.

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COVID-19 and What Women - And Men - Want From Leaders

Fellow TED-Xer, Book Author, and Accenture Researcher, Kelly Monahan and I explored Kelly's research on COVID-19, the future of work, and what women - and men - are looking for from leaders right now. Listen as we discuss how to make work “work” for everyone.

Keeping Inclusion Top of Mind During a Pandemic

Mini Timmaraju, Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Comcast NBCUniversal, shares how the Fortune 100 company is supporting women through their ERG, bridging the digital divide  – and taking actions against xenophobia experienced by Asian Americans. Listen as we explore the best practices that help Comcast imbed lasting inclusion.

Powering Women's Well-being at Work

Deloitte's Chief Well-being Officer Jen Fisher shares what gets her fired up about well-being, how she crafted a career and timely message around preventing stress and burnout - and ways to give yourself and others permission to make wellness a priority.

Supporting Women of Color at Work

Inclusion expert Stacey A. Gordon breaks down ways to amplify and support women of color at work – and speaks to how leaders can build open, "listening" cultures. Listen as we explore "covering," "code-switching" and ways to stop conforming.

Ensuring Women's Voices Are Heard in Meetings

Master TEDx speech coach and Vital Voice Training Co-Founder, Casey Erin Clark, joins me to discuss how women can make sure their voices are heard in meetings – and how companies can step up too. Listen as we discuss tips for speaking up, managing over-talkers and interruptions, and running inclusive meetings. 

Building & Sustaining a Vibrant Corporate Women's Network

Hear how Yessenia Morales, Chair of the women's network at IPG (one of the four largest advertising firms in the world), is supporting women's leadership through IPG's women's forum. Learn about Yessenia's own career journey to a VP role - as a woman of color - and how she leads the charge in engaging men, mixing programming with other activities, and nurturing leadership in up and comers across her 20,000-person NYC office.

How to be an Intrapreneur

How can you innovate inside the walls of a large company? Selena sits down with international bestselling author Dr. Simone Bhan Ahuja to discuss tips from her new book, Disrupt It Yourself. Learn how to enlist others in your ideas, frame the value of your plan, and use the superpower of empathy to be a standout innovator.

Ask Me Anything with Fortune 50 Executive Coach Nihar Chhaya

Are there questions you've always wanted to ask an Executive Coach, but never had the opportunity (or nerve) to put forward? Well, here's your chance! Selena sits down with Fortune 50 Executive Coach Nihar Chhaya to answer your burning questions. In this session, Nihar offers real-world advice on leadership, presence, confidence and so much more.  

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