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COVID-19 and What Women - And Men - Want From Leaders

Fellow TED-Xer, Book Author, and Accenture Researcher, Kelly Monahan and I explored Kelly's research on COVID-19, the future of work, and what women - and men - are looking for from leaders right now. Listen as we discuss how to make work “work” for everyone.

Keeping Inclusion Top of Mind During a Pandemic

Mini Timmaraju, Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Comcast NBCUniversal, shares how the Fortune 100 company is supporting women through their ERG, bridging the digital divide  – and taking actions against xenophobia experienced by Asian Americans. Listen as we explore the best practices that help Comcast imbed lasting inclusion.

Powering Women's Well-being at Work

Chief Well-being Officer Jen Fisher shares what gets her fired up about well-being, how she crafted a career and timely message around preventing stress and burnout - and ways to give yourself and others permission to make wellness a priority.

Supporting Women of Color at Work

Inclusion expert Stacey A. Gordon breaks down ways to amplify and support women of color at work – and speaks to how leaders can build open, "listening" cultures. Listen as we explore "covering," "code-switching" and ways to stop conforming.

Ensuring Women's Voices Are Heard in Meetings

Master TEDx speech coach and Vital Voice Training Co-Founder, Casey Erin Clark, joins me to discuss how women can make sure their voices are heard in meetings – and how companies can step up too. Listen as we discuss tips for speaking up, managing over-talkers and interruptions, and running inclusive meetings.