Level-up Your


Online Course: Complete Confidence


Topics Covered:

  • Using preparation wisely

  • Quieting your inner critic

  • Focusing on small wins

  • Doing away with perfectionism

  • Identifying peak experiences

  • Coping with confidence lows

  • Mastering your inner-dialogue

  • Conveying strong body language

  • Using power statements

Course Description

Confidence is consistently believing in your own ability. It gives you an edge, elevating your performance, personal effectiveness, and even the quality of your relationships. The good news is that it's possible to build this magnetic quality over time—and there's no better time to start than now. In this weekly series, individuals new to the workforce, returning after a hiatus, or making a career transition can find bite-sized confidence-building tips for the moments that matter. Leadership consultant Selena Rezvani provides tips on improving your self-image, cultivating a growth mindset, and focusing on small wins, as well as other techniques for improving your self-confidence—minutes at a time. Tune in every Monday for a new confidence-boosting tip and start every week off more poised and self-assured.

Online Course: Mastering Self Motivation

Topics Covered:

  • Apply science-backed research on incentives

  • Reestablish motivation in the face of ruts

  • Learn time management techniques

  • Create peak flow experiences

  • Tap your networks to ignite action

  • Identify idea work conditions

  • Boost your personal engagement

Course Description

Do you have a goal that's been sitting on your to-do list for months? If so, you're in good company. Professionals of all stripes struggle to take their personal goals from the drawing board to the real world. In this course, instructor Selena Rezvani shows you how to break this cycle of procrastination and inaction. Using examples from her own career, as well as lessons from top executives, Selena demonstrates how to shift your mindset and leverage practical tools to power your self-motivation—and, in turn, set and achieve bigger, more audacious goals. Learn how to identify the kind of self-motivator you are, so that you can align goal achievement with your area of motivation. Discover how to apply science-backed research on incentives and rewards to sustain your motivation.

Online Course: Executive Presence for Women

Selena course 2.png

Topics Covered:

  • Keys to thinking quickly

  • Knowing your audience

  • Speaking with conviction

  • Mastering your inner-dialogue

  • Powerful body language

  • Acting decisively

  • Soliciting the right feedback

  • Recovering quickly from mistakes

  • Building your executive presence

Course Description

Most aspiring leaders know they need executive presence: the ability to project authority, confidence, and authenticity. Yet presence can be hard to establish, especially for women. This course can help aspiring female executives build and sustain their executive presence. Focusing on three executive presence filters—self-confidence (how you act), self-expression (how you talk), and self-presentation (how you look)—participants practice owning their power and making their credibility known. You can get tips to strengthen your ability to command a room, sell your ideas, and connect with others. Women’s leadership expert Selena Rezvani grounds each lesson in real-world examples, giving female leaders a playbook to make their presence felt in any situation.

Online Course: Being Your Own Fierce Self-Advocate

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What you’ll learn:

  • Standing up for yourself every day

  • Identifying advocacy opportunities

  • Overcoming blockers to your ideas

  • Leveraging your network

  • Leveling power dynamics

  • Demonstrating your expertise

  • Using silence intentionally

  • Setting clear boundaries

  • Making your strengths visible

 Course Description

Are you prepared to advocate for yourself at work, or are you unsure how to seize opportunities and overcome challenges? In this course Selena Rezvani gets you equipped and ready to be your own self-advocate. Learn how to amplify your voice by being prepared for obvious and less obvious scenarios. Discover how to recognize opportunities to back yourself. Find out how to rebalance the dynamics of a conversation when you are being demeaned or diminished. Selena shares how you can get the respect you deserve while maintaining a reputation as a positive team player. She provides techniques you can use to make your strengths visible, ensure your credibility is known, and ultimately reduce blockers to your success.