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[ Friday, Feb 28, 2014 ]

Launching my own business has meant gathering some unexpected lessons along the way.  Sure, there’s plenty of conventional wisdom that advocates you use certain financial statements or funding strategies to scale your business, but ask any real business owner about their hardest won lessons and they will probably give you less tactical advice.  Below are some of the more counterintuitive things I've learned while growing my training and consulting business, NextGenWomen, LLC, opened in 2009.

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[ Friday, Feb 21, 2014 ]

When you hear the word “perfectionist,” what comes to mind? 

Whether you see perfectionists as Type A, rule-bound, and critical―or perhaps just diligent and insistent on high standards―the term is one we more often assign to women than men.  Maybe you’ve personally been tagged as a perfectionist.  If so, let’s consider if it’s holding you back in your career or if it’s actually a facilitator to success.

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[ Wednesday, Feb 12, 2014 ]

Any working mother will tell you that a successful maternity leave is a coordinated effort.  A typical female professional is balancing several spinning plates as she prepares to “off-ramp” from work—the needs of her employer and her family, the landscape of her finances and her health insurance, and of course the ongoing, internal dialogue she’s having with herself.

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[ Tuesday, Feb 4, 2014 ]

JK Rowling pitched the Harry Potter book series to twelve publishing houses.  And ALL OF THEM rejected her manuscript.  She persevered and it was finally lucky number 13, a very small publishing house in London that took a chance agreeing to publish the work.  Suppose JK had given up after 6 “no’s” and scrapped the project, stuck with her secretarial job, and gave up on writing?

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