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[ Thursday, Mar 28, 2013 ]

Amidst the steady stream of chatter about emancipated Gen Y girls and power-wielding baby boomer-istas, it appears we've forgotten altogether about the cohort of women in-between. Cast aside are the experiences of women ages 33 to 46, members of an ever increasingly 'lost' generation. Jeff Gordinier, author of the book "X Saves the World," put in best when he said, "We hear plenty about people in their teens and twenties, and even more about people in their fifties, but the stodgy old species known as the thirtysomething has been shuttled off, like Molly Ringwald herself, to some sort of Camp Limbo for demographic lepers."

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[ Friday, Mar 15, 2013 ]

As a working parent, I am no stranger to stretching my time and energy too thin.  But if you’re saddled with demands, it is so important that you be vigilant for signs of burnout. Burnout is the feeling of depletion—mentally, physically, intellectually, emotionally—that leads to a feeling of disillusionment or disengagement. Most of us know someone who has experienced prolonged stress and consequently was burned by it for some period of their lives.

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[ Friday, Mar 1, 2013 ]

A waste of time.  Stale content.  A tired venting session.  These are the some of the terms I hear from a growing number of working women who find women-only conferences and events counterproductive.  Whether a national gathering of women, an in house women’s corporate network–-even a regional forum of female entrepreneurs–-many of these events are failing to produce the meaningful results they word so hard to promote.

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