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[ Wednesday, Dec 28, 2011 ]

No matter what the personality of your organization, take some personal ownership in helping to create improvement.  When interviewing executives for my book, Rosslyn Kleeman, Chair of the Coalition for Effective Change encouraged, "Be outgoing, confident, and daring in your thinking.  Even if there is no collegial atmosphere in a workplace, do it yourself and create one.  It will make politics much easier to navigate."  Rosslyn's advice to "do it yourself" is so right.  It is up to you to create the kind of changes you want to see more of in your workplace.  Strategies to keep in mind as you maneuver through politics include:

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[ Monday, Dec 12, 2011 ]


Sometimes getting bored on the job is a good thing. After graduating with a communications degree from the University of Maryland, Chinese native Mei Xu looked for her ideal corporate job in Washington, DC. No such job appeared though and she ultimately accepted a job offer with a New York-based company in the medical equipment industry. Mei realized all too quickly that she was disenchanted by the joyless, mismatched work she faced each day, and knew it was time to try something different.

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[ Monday, Dec 5, 2011 ]

The onslaught of television shows targeted at teenage girls might lead you to believe that TV executives don't think highly of young women. At least that's the message implicit in much of the current programming.

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