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[ Thursday, Oct 20, 2011 ]

Imagine being offered an opportunity to manage a Congressional office but turning down the offer because you weren't sure you were ready for the responsibility. Envision the alternative too: accepting the role and getting the opportunity to meet global leaders, strengthen office operations, and work on historic legislative initiatives. Both scenarios happened to Maya Rockeymoore, now the founder and CEO of Global Policy Solutions, a boutique social change strategy firm in Washington, DC. At the age of 27, Texas-born Rockeymoore accepted the role of Chief of Staff and Senior Policy Advisor under Congressman Charles Rangel.

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[ Thursday, Oct 13, 2011 ]

Forty-five years after the women's movement started, women are finally penetrating upper most roles in business, government, and non-profit arenas. But progress hasn't charged ahead at the rate expected, nor have women reached top levels without forfeit or compromise.

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[ Wednesday, Oct 5, 2011 ]

Over the course of writing my book, I got to sit down with some truly incredibly women. Their quotes are woven throughout the book and I always felt that they helped the book really come to life. Until today, it hadn't occurred to me to sit down and list some of my favorite quotes - so here you go. These tidbits definitely shifted my thinking and I hope they do the same for you...

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