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'Managers have Short Memories; Make it Easy for them' from Women's Leadership Author, Speaker and Consultant Selena Rezvani

Managers have Short Memories; Make it Easy for them

[ Thursday, Jul 25, 2013 ]
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Bosses are often consumed with so much that they don't know what you're working on, let alone what's going well.  Strive to make your managers' job easier by proactively keeping them abreast of your achievements.

How can you share more of your accomplishments?

Log it:

Start by keeping a log of your successes.  Resist the urge to try to remember it all.  If you do, I promise, you will leave something out.  Get in the habit of jotting down a project you successfully led, an accolade you got, or an improvement you spearheaded.  The process need not be formal; you can even write in shorthand.  The point is that you have a simple organization system for your accomplishments.

Promote it:

Where could you take credit more often? How can you own successes without being overbearing or bragging? Where credit is involved, communication is essential. Convey your contributions by communicating with your boss, as often as weekly, to keep him or her in sync with your achievements.

Reference it:

A useful bonus: Use your inventory as a go-to to boost confidence.  You'll be amazed by the perspective that a simple success log can provide when you need encouragement.  The next time you need to negotiate for something at work, whether a needed resource, a training class, a raise or even your performance review, turn to your success log; you will be more self-assured in the actual bargaining situation.